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This page will answer some of the most asked questions. If you run into any trouble or have any questions please check below if it is answered.
If we do not answer your question please contact us trough this page.

EmeraldServers.com is a server listing website. Server owners can register their server to be found by players, and players can find here their new favourite server.
We aim to help small and beginning servers reach more players for them to grow.
The bigger servers are also welcome to register on EmeraldServers.com to be found. Our promotional activities might be focused on activities being more benefit full to the smaller servers than the bigger ones.

If you did not receive an activation e-mail be sure you have checked your spam folder.
If you are sure you did not receive it send us an email trough the contact page.

When you go to the server page on EmeraldServers.com there is, above the server information, a "Vote" button.
If you click the Vote button you will have to fill in your Minecraft user name and a reCaptcha to make sure you are human.
Please note, you are only allowed, and able, to vote once a day. Misus of the vote system may result in the server being deleted.

Before you can add your server you need to register an account and verify your email address. Once you have an account you can add a server by clicking "add server" under "account".
Here you can fill in all the server details and add a banner.

You will get this error when a server listed on EmeraldServers.com was before you the owner of your ip.
This can happen when the previous owner cancels his server and the ip is now given to you.
To get your server back on EmeraldServers.com you will have to: step 1. Create a user account on this website.
Step 2. place the name of that user account in the MOTD of your server.
Step 3. Send us an e-mail (contact page) and give us the server ip of your server,
an url to the server you want to claim on EmeraldServers.com and the name of the user that will become the owner of said server.
After receiving your e-mail we will check the name of the user in the MOTD of your server and give this user on EmeraldServers.com the server.

Premium servers are those that are shown on the home page with a green shadow behind their banner and have thus a higher change to be seen by our website visitors.
If you want your server to become premium you need to:

  • 1.Have an account on EmeraldServers.com or create one.
  • 2.Have the server that you want to be premium added on our site.
  • 3.When logged in you will see a "Get Premium" button in the menu, click on that button.
  • 4.Now you can select the server you want to give premium and see what premium will cost you. Premium is bought in time frames of 30 days starting the day you buy premium.
  • 5.After selecting your server you can continue by clicking on the 'Generate Payment' button. This will automaticly create a payment that can be paid with PayPal (At the moment we do not support other ways of payment.)
  • 6.When the payment has been completed the seleced server will be given premium status and shall appear in the top server on our homepage.
    Note: The premium servers are shown in order of most votes (like all servers). The more votes the server has the higher your server will be in the premium server list. The moment of payment is not decisive on your place in the list!.

Yes, Emerald Servers supports votifier. When you fill in the required field on your server page it can be used to give players in-game rewards for their vote.
Using in-game rewards can encourage players to vote for your server. Need a plugin that handels rewards after a vote? We recommend Voting Plugin

EmeraldServers.com reserves the right to delete any server from the list with or without prior notice.
The server might have been removed for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, suspicious voting activity, inappropriate server details or not compliying with the Terms of Service

When we think your server details (including but not limited to: the description, the title or the banner) are against our terms of service we can decide to alter those in case we believe deleting the server is to heavy of a punishment.

When you think you found a server that is listed on EmeraldServers.com but is not listed confirm the TOS you can report it on the server page.
When a server is reported we wil get a notice of it and take the necessary measures.

When adding your server make sure all the server details are correct, IP's and ports.
Make sure that your server is running (online) when you register so it can be found by EmeraldServers.com.

If your server can't be categorized with one of the categories given, let us know. Let us know what you want your server to have as a category and we will add it.

If your server doesn't have a banner yet you can download one from EmeraldServers.com.
When you have added your server go back to the 'edit' page of the server you want a banner for.
Below the section where you can upload a banner you will see the text: "Don't have a banner? Click here to download one!".
Click the text and a banner will be downloaded with your server name and ip.

If your question is not awnsered on this page or you encounter any other problems feel free to contact us trough the contact page.

YOU! You are awesome for using EmeraldServers.com!