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Become a premium Gem

Premium servers are servers that are shown on the homepage of EmeraldServers.com with a green shadow behind their banner to stand out between others.
These servers are the first servers a new visitor sees and have a higher CTR than non premium servers!

When you want your server to become premium you need to:

  • Have an account on EmeraldServers.com or create one.
  • Have the server that you want to be premium added on our site.
  • When logged click the "Get Premium" button in the menu.
  • Now you can select the server you want to have premium and see what premium will cost you.
    Premium is bought in time frames of 30 days starting the day the payment has been processed.
  • After selecting your server you can continue by clicking on the 'Generate Payment' button. This will automatically create a payment that can be paid with PayPal (At the moment we do not support other ways of payment.)
  • When the payment has been completed the selected server will be given premium status and shall appear in the top server on our homepage. After 30 days the server will lose its premium status.
    Note: The premium servers are shown in order of most votes (like all servers). The more votes the server has the higher your server will be in the premium server list. The moment of payment is not decisive on your place in the list!.