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Wicked Worlds
Good ol' Survival! (With slight bonuses)
Looking for a fresh 1.15.2 server?Wicked Worlds is a new survival server started on March 31st. We are mostly North American player base at the moment. The server is hosted in St. Louis, USA. I strive to have a 99% up time, announcements for any updates or downtime will be made on the Discord to give all players proper notice. Our current community is small but active, we are looking for long term players who like the survival aspects of the game.Some of the current added features are:* NO World Boarder. * Tree fall.* Disabled Creeper land damage (Still damages/kills player).* Sign Chest/Door Protection.* Land claims.* 1 person can skip the night by sleeping.* Ability to set multiple homes to teleport back to.* Random teleport by /rtp.* Economy.* Players can make their own stores to sell resources for in-game currency.Player protection:* GriefPrevention* CoreProtect* Anti-CheatWe will never be a Pay-To-Win server. I believe in keeping the game fair for all players. Current rules:* Respect Staff and Players* No griefing* No cheating of any kind* Use common sense
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