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Stable Community Survival - 10k Block Claim - Mature Community
Stable survival experience: clans, markets, seasons world & more
Join us at MCVerse for long term casual gameplayNovember Update - Global Markets and Improved Economy

Now easier to get more sethomes as well as trade with other players to get the blocks you need to build your dream hideout! Or.. just dig your way out!! Our community grows..

September 21 Event Start: Pocket world and Seasons!!

We've also added player warps for you to share your builds with.

General Info

Stable vanilla survival experience with a mature community to trade and connect with. RandomTP, Claims, Market, Unlimited Open World. We plan to be around for a long time, perfect for casual and dedicated gamers alike. Massive world, no limits! 30k x 30k wild warp will expand as it gets used.Play on your own terms. Get your own world! Free 10k block claim.Market now live!Visit discord for map leaks. Recently upgraded server for no lag!Java Bedrock crossplay now available.
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MCVerse.City | HARD SURVIVAL Upgraded for No Lag!
Velocity 1.7.2-1.20.1
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